Johanna Lundstroem | Holistic Health Coach

I’m a Transformational Holistic Health Coach and a Master of Habit Change. 

I'm really passionate about helping women create a healthy body they love, by identifying the right healing and cleansing foods for them, transforming their mindset to support their goal and helping them break down all the steps that will lead to their health and body goals into bite-sized action items to fit their busy lives.  

I was born with a skin disease and suffered badly from eczema my entire childhood. I used to binge on candy and chocolate every night and binge-drink alcohol. I've suffered from depression, anxiety and extremely low self-esteem.

Because of this, I know the importance of tending to the actual root cause of the issue, as opposed to just putting on a temporary bandaid. This is the reason to why all my programs go beyond food and movement and cover all aspects of my clients' lives. 

I grew up in Sweden but also lived in Colombia, Spain, England, Australia and now in the USA (San Jose, CA). I'm a 45-year old mom of 8-year old twin boys and I now know what to do to remain healthy, happy and sane. I would love to help you do the same! The secret is to not have to use will-power to take care of yourself in the best possible way physically, mentally, spiritually, but instead to re-wire your brain to be naturally drawn to the healthy lifestyle, to the healthy options, to that which makes you feel AMAZING & ALIVE!

I love traveling/exploring and to experiment with superfoods as well as natural remedies and essential oils for myself and my family. For every issue anyone has in my family, I come up with a natural remedy that works. I sniff Peppermint Oil daily to keep my head clear and I'm in love with Celery Juice after noticing the amazing benefits (improved digestion, better skin, more energy, flatter belly, less allergies)!

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