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WHAT? FREE CHALLENGE: Enjoy the holidays without sabotaging your health & body

WHEN? Wednesday, Dec 1, 2020

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When I was a kid we used to get a box of chocolate each on Dec 24th, one of those double-decker chocolate
boxes and we used to eat as many as we could get down after the holiday dinner even when we were already
stuffed to begin with.... 


I'm not looking to recreate this type of experience this holiday (although I plan on treating myself) and if you
feel the same, consider joining my complimentary challenge to avoid falling into an all out binge, overeating
and instead take charge of the experience you would like to have. Because you get to choose. 


What if there was a different way of approaching the holidays that meant you can still enjoy without it sabotaging your health/body?


I'm not here to tell you not to drink alcohol, not to eat sweets (because I do sometimes too & I will during the holidays) or not to enjoy the experience and celebrate with food and drink. 


I'm here to tell you, there is a middle way (as opposed to an all-or-nothing case scenario) and you GET TO DECIDE what that will look like FOR YOU and avoid having it sabotaging your health and body goals. 


In this challenge I will be guiding you to create your own personalized and detailed vision of the experience you would like to have during the holidays when it comes to your food and lifestyle choices and how to set yourself up for a successful and joyful experience that have you feel good (without sabotaging your health/body).


This does NOT mean you will be feeling deprived or missing out on the fun or not allowing yourself to enjoy the spirit of the holidays, quite the opposite! 


By participating in this challenge, you will be setting yourself up for more enjoyment and more of you being present as opposed to checked out in some sort of coma, and what's the fun of that?!