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Change Your Breath, Change Your Relationships

What I learnt from attending Max Strom Breathing Workshop!

If Max Strom had called his workshop “Breathing Workshop” I probably wouldn’t have agreed to pay $50 for attending five years ago. Instead he called it “Change Your Breathe, Change Your Relationships”.

This is what his workshop taught me:

- The Breathe is more than just for survival

- Our breath and our emotions are connected - by changing your breath, you can change your feelings

- Breathing exercises calms the mind, body and emotions. It calms the entire nervous system and when this happens it changes our BEHAVIOUR and when this happens it IMPROVES OUR RELATIONSHIPS and this helps to heal our lives ☺

- The body contains and stores emotions. Trapped emotions over time can even cause serious disease. Grief and inspiration are stored in the lungs. Breathing exercises can help us cleanse the lungs of all this old grief and allows opportunity for new inspiration.

Still not convinced? Deep breathing can help reduce stress/ blood pressure, promote better blood flow, release toxins from the body and improve sleep. All of which can result in increased energy levels. As a bonus, it will also make you more mindful, present in your body and live in the moment.

Changing your breath can change everything and it only takes a moment.

If you would like to try, follow these simple steps:

Set a recurring reminder on your cell: “5-min meditation”

If it’s easier for you to focus when listening to meditation music, turn that on prior to setting the 5 min timer on

Start out by taking a couple of deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth, loudly and slowly.

Then move onto the 5-5-7 breath, breathe in to the count of 5, hold to the count of 5 and breath out to the count of 7. Slow steady breathing through the nose.

Repeat Daily!

Check out Max Strom here: http://bit.ly/2p22PVK

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