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MMMMango Salad - So Delicious!

I recently got my hands on two big, meaty organic mangoes from Whole Foods (luckily on sale!). This mango salad adds healthy sweetness to any dish, whether it be rice, quinoa or a fish dish. I had it with some wild salmon the other day, it was out of this world!

I gabbed one big mango and cut it into small cubes, then placed it in a glass bowl. I then placed about 1/4 of a small red onion into my new mini food processor (I am obsessed with how much easier it is to prepare things now! I've been using it daily since I got it! I got this one: Hamilton Beach Mini, 3 Cup) and added the red onion to the cubed mango. Then I placed about 1/3 of a cup fresh cilantro in the food processor and ran it then added that. While I was at it, I added about 1 teaspoon of chopped jalapeño pepper (that of course also went into the mini food processor!). You can of course just chop it manually too!

To finish it off, I squeezed the juice of 1/2 a lime over the mangoes + added salt and pepper. So delicious, kiddos also love it.

Mangoes helps in digestion, promotes a healthy gut, immunity, eye health, lowers cholesterol, can help clear up skin and it can also help with weight loss.

Plus, if you include something sweet in your meals, you're so much less likely to experience sugar cravings afterwards!


Mango, 1 ripe big one, ideally organic, cut in cubes

Red Onion, 1/4 Cup finely chopped/shredded

Cilantro, 1/3 Cup fresh, finely chopped/shredded

Jalapeño pepper [optional], 1 teaspoon (add more if you like spicy, I prepared mine child friendly!)

Sea salt/black pepper to taste

Combine all in a glass bowl with a lid, it taste great the day after too!

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