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"I’m down to almost 135 lbs in 3 months" (from 155lbs)


"Before I met Johanna, I was 155 lbs, lethargic, frusterated with my food choices, and not enjoying my life. Now I’m down to almost 135 lbs in 3 months (which was my goal weight I made with Johanna), able to make healthy food choices without thinking about them, have more energy, and feel good about the options available to me instead of feeling bad that I "cant have" something. 


What I think of Johanna; she has been a wonderful upbeat coach who takes the time to understand your cravings and turns them into something productive! She makes you feel good about your choices even when you know there are better choices to be made. She provides an easy schedule to help you make better choices and stick to them! She is also a really great listener for any problems you are having, food-wise or life-wise, which is great to help you understand your body better as well.


If you’re thinking of going with her; know that this a journey you're going to take and it will take time and your own will power, but she is well worth it since she really helps keep you on track when you might think of giving up. Things don't change over night, but you'll begin to notice yourself reaching for healthier options without thinking about them and that is the exciting part about this journey. Johanna will be with you every step of the way and you'll be encouraged to keep going. She is a wonderful person, one I'm glad to have met and got to work with."

K. Sheets - Actress 

"My clothes are no longer tight, uncomfortable or unwearable."


"Before I met Johanna, I was stuck in a frustrating cycle of not being able to lose some weight that I put on over the course of a year. I would lose 2-5 lbs then it always came right back. No matter what I tried, I could not shed the extra pounds. I believed that my body no longer could lose weight because all of my old methods were not working. I also believed that because of the phase of life (pre-menopause), the extra weight would not come off for years. My doctor actually told me that. I believed that I would need to starve myself to lose weight.

After working with Johanna, I'm able to prepare delicious nourishing meals that make me feel full and satisfied and still lose weight. I'm able to grocery shop and know exactly what foods will go into these meals. I know how important it is to include even small amounts of movement into my busy week. My clothes are no longer tight, uncomfortable or unwearable. Instead of having to invest in a new wardrobe, all my favorite pieces fit again. 

Johanna is warm, easy to talk to and open minded. She never judges and I always felt safe being honest with her, even on the times that I erred from the plan. That sounds difficult and, yet, Johanna made that so easy. She always got me back on track. She was available when I had questions anytime and she checked in on me regularly with kind, encouraging words. Over the span of time with Johanna, I felt like she became one of the most valuable resources I have on my team. I learned so much from her and I will keep this new knowledge with me for the rest of my life. 

If you're thinking of working with her; Call me and I can give you at least 44 reasons why you want to do this for yourself!  Do it for yourself. You are worth it! You won't ever regret the time and investment. It's not hard. Johanna makes it easy and enjoyable.

Carrie K. - San Jose, CA

"Baje 7 libras en dos semanas!"


Hola! Yo participé en los 14-Days Reset Cleanse con Johanna en la que puedo decir que es una mujer grandiosa, súper dulce y profesional.

Estoy dejando este review para las chicas que buscan limpiar su sistema de tanta comida chatarra, dulces de malos hábitos alimenticios, y buscan una persona que les ayude en español, yo quede sorprendida del español de Johanna así que anímate ella está muy pendiente de uno. 

En estos días aprendí muchas cosas, los 3 primeros días fueron duros más cuando dependes del café del azúcar. 

Ahora hasta puedo ver esos postres y no se me antojan estoy feliz con los resultados baje 7 libras en dos semanas que puedo decir que me animo a seguir por que en mis propios medios no bajaba ni una. 


Ella te enseña lo que debes comer lo que no puedes y sobre todo lo mejor es que no hay aguante de hambre oh pastillas de por medio, todo es basado en alimentos ricos y saludables...

Espero este review te ayude y te animes a intentarlo no te arrepentirás.
Gracias Johanna por tu trabajo,dedicación y profesionalismo.

A. Pineda

"I am able to cook healthy meals. I have reached my goal weight. "


Before I met Johanna, I was; very overwhelmed. I knew where I wanted to be, but I didn’t know where to start. After I had my baby, I was in a rut and I couldn’t get back to my routine. My house was a mess. I was having trouble balancing my time between running a business, taking care of my son and keeping up with my fitness goals. I always felt like I didn’t have enough time for everything.


Now I’m able to; to be productive, l learned that I don’t have to do everything on my own. I can ask for help and I can meet my goals. I have hired a full time nanny. I was able to organize my son’s room. I am able to cook healthy meals. I have reached my goal weight. 

Many of us know what we want, but we need the extra push. Sometimes we just need somebody to help us break tasks down step by step, and then we realize that we don’t have to do everything at once. I would highly recommend Johanna if you’re feeling stuck. I have always been a very driven person, but after I had my baby, I didn’t know how to get back on track.

T. Laqui, San Jose, CA

"I Lost Several Pounds & Got Clearer & More Focused Thinking"


I participated in the 14 day reset cleanse in 2017 and I can highly recommend it!

During the cleanse I got a deeper and more relaxed sleep, I lost several pounds and I got clearer and more focused thinking. Usually I eat a lot during the evening and before the cleanse, I used to wake up from the alarm Clock really tired.

During the cleanse I did not eat anything after 7 pm, and already after a couple of days, I woke up feeling well rested and I even had the energy to get up early so that I had the time to do exercise before work.

Normally this would never have happened! The recipes and the support from Johanna really made it easy for me to follow the detox program.

J. Lindfors - Security & Terminal Manager, Sweden

"Beyond my Expectations! Losing weight was a big bonus!"


"I had been looking for a holistic, non-fasting cleanse that was focused on a long-term approach towards healthier and more energized lifestyle.

Finding Johanna and her 14 day reset cleanse program was a perfect fit and the whole experience was beyond my expectations!

I reached results quickly and could feel the benefits from both the changes in my eating as well as from the cleanse enhancing activities. And losing weight was a big bonus!

Johanna is so knowledgeable, she provides a wealth of information and can answer any questions as well as guiding you towards the right food and activities that suit your tastebuds and preferences. She has a perfect balance of inspiring discipline throughout the cleanse, as well as supporting and cheering on you every step of the way.

I've reached a healthier and more aware lifestyle, and I've been inspired to maintain this on all levels and take care of myself in a better way. I can highly recommend this cleanse program!” 

"Mentally I'm feeling so much better & my stomach is flatter"


"I’m personally doing and feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time. I seriously do not want to go back to my old bad eating habits.
Mentally I’m feeling so much better. I want to keep this up! I’ve been sleeping better, deeper sleep and I have more energy. 
As a bonus my stomach is flatterand I lost a few pounds.
Surprisingly, I have no desire to go back to eating sugar. I feel so much better and healthier.” 

L. Mahone - Tech Software Support - Johnson&Johnson


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